Todays webtip: Jamendo

It happens very rarely that I post webtips. Because I’m not that kind of guy who’s posting youtube videos in his weblog. But today I found a real piece of jewellery: Jamendo.

Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses. Share your music, download your favorite artists! Free, Legal, Umnlimited.

You don’t need no login and don’t need do accept licences. Just select your favorite genre, listen to the songs and download the album if you enjoy it. Or buy the CD from the artist website if you realy like it.
There is also a very wide scope of music, e.g. 8-bit lagerfeuer by pornophonique: Very cool music in 8-bit style with some locals in “lagerfeuer romantik” with songs like: “take me to the bonuslevel because i need an extralife” or “space invaders”.

Needless to say that it has all the web2.0 features like: widgets for your own weblog, playlists to share or commenting and rating of the artists.

Enjoy it!

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One thought on “Todays webtip: Jamendo

  1. Daniel

    jamendo is great. since the begin of 2007 i use this platform to collect good music that doesn’t have everyone :-). i’ll listen to 8-bit lagerfeuer soon