I’ve started running in 2006 with the goal to finish at least once a marathon. After one and a half year of training, I fulfilled my dream in early 2008. Since then, participated in much more (half-) marathons, so here are the results, just for my commemoration:

LocationDateDistance (km)TimeDetails
Liblar (DE)March 201810.00:56:48
Köln (DE)October 201721.11:50:14
Bonn (DE)April 201721.11:49:09
Lake Constance (DE/AT/CH)October 201642.24:15:1310th start at this event
Freiburg (DE)April 201621.12:00:47
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 201521.11:41:57
St. Gallen (CH)May 201521.11:54:17
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 201410.90:53:57
St. Gallen (CH)May 201421.11:53:44
Gossau (CH)December 20138.50:42:25
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 201321.11:41:25
Appenzell (CH)June 20137.10:55:46641m altitude
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 201221.11:44:26100% rain
Koblenz-Horchheim (DE)March 201210.00:50:00
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 201121.11:53:42
Lucerne (CH)October 201021.11:49:27
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 201021.11:55:31
Gamperney (CH)May 20108.81:19:181000m altitude
Lucerne (CH)October 200921.11:50:19
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 200921.12:15:19
Lucerne (CH)October 200821.11:46:33
Lake Constance (AT/CH)October 200816.01:24:20
Rennsteiglauf (DE)May 200821.11:52:46
Bonn (DE)April 200842.24:19:13details
Oberriet (CH)March 200821.11:56:37
Lake Constance (DE/AT)October 200721.11:53:45details
Rennsteiglauf (DE)May 200721.12:01:29details
Bonn (DE)April 200721.12:07:24details