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Today the German parties CDU, CSU and SPD voted for data retention. From 2008 onwards it will be possible to trace who has contacted whom via telephone, mobile phone or e-mail for a period of six months. In the case of mobile calls or text messages via mobile phone, the user’s location will also be logged. Anonymising services will be prohibited.

The data that will be collected about the entire population will allow our movements to be traced, any calls or communications with business contacts to be monitored and will remove privacy in our personal relationships. It also allows the content of communications to be analyzed, content such as personal interests and the individual life circumstances of the person communicating. Access to the data is to be granted to the police, public prosecutors, secret services and foreign states which hope for better prosecution of crimes.

So for this sad day, my website turned black. rest in peace, german basic rights!

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One thought on “data retention

  1. Martin

    Tja, die Regierung wird schon gewusst haben, warum die Stasi-Akten so genau durchforstet werden sollen. Um Fehler festzustellen und um alles besser zu machen. :-)
    So, jetzt habe ich erstmal genug schwarz gesehen.

    Grüße aus Deutschland

    Martin, Conny und Thoralf (*8.11.07)