3 days – 3 passes – 3 countries

I was on the road again with my bycicle. I started in Buchs (SUI) on Thursday and wanted to reach Bormio (ITA) on Saturday to visit the Giro d’Italia. But the Passo dello Stelvio was still closed and will open again on 1st June. So I didnt reached the Giro. But the tour was absolutely great. My stages looked like this:

Thursday – Arlberg Pass:
  • Buchs (SUI)
  • Feldkirch (AUT)
  • Bludenz
  • Arlberg Pass (1793m asl)
  • St. Anton
  • Landeck
Friday – Resia Pass:
  • Landeck
  • Prutz
  • Pfunds
  • Zollamt Martina
  • Norbertshöhe
  • Resia Pass (1504m asl)
  • Resia (ITA)
  • Burgosio
  • Laudes
  • Glorenza
  • Prato allo Stelvio
Saturday – Fuorn Pass:
  • Prato allo Stelvio
  • Glorenza
  • Müstair (SUI)
  • Fuorn Pass (2150m asl)
  • Zernez
  • by train to Klosters
  • Klosters
  • Maienfeld
  • St. Luzisteig
  • Balzers (FL)
  • Buchs (SUI)

I’ve meet a Dutch on the Arlberg Pass and one day later again on the Resia Pass. He was on the way from Amsterdam to Rome. If the netherlands play football as they cycle, they will beat germany in the quarter final of the FIFA world cup 2006. But i dont hope so.
Photos of this tour can be found in my brand new gallery.

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